Annie Ryan


Annie Ryan, artistic director of Corn Exchange, founded the theatre company in 1995. Corn Exchange often works through the medium of Commedia dell ‘ Arte to produces pieces which are dynamic, imaginative and transformation €“ €œmoving and memorable studies of ordinary Dubliners, animating the longing and heartache that swells and grinds beneath even the most unassuming exteriors. € (Fintan Walsh) Under Annie Ryan ‘s guidance, with the help of writer (and partner), Michael West, Corn Exchange brings to life and to stage works that many imaginations would have left to books and to film resulting in with memorable productions of Lolita, Cat on Hot Tin Roof, and A Girl is Half Formed Thing. Her company and Annie Ryan have grown in scope €“ serving on theatre boards, including the Abbey, working with Dublin Fringe, and using workshop techniques to counsel business men €“ nothing like running around in your bare feet to open up a room.