Finn van der Aar


Finn holds a BSc in Earth & Ocean Science and an MSc in Marine Biology. She works with the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group and is an ambassador for Clean Coasts and for Volvo’s electric xc40. She is also an environmental representative for several working groups related to inshore fishing and the renewable energy sector. Through her Instagram account Finn has worked with a wide variety of environmentally focused companies and brands such as Orca and Patagonia. Represented by Marianne Gun O’ Connor, Finn writes for Irish, European and UK print and digital media – The Irish Times, The Independent, Surfgirl Magazine – and published a bestselling book in 2017 with Gill Books. Finn regularly features on Irish TV & Radio and was the host of the Oceans of Learning Podcast. Finn gives talks for corporate groups, festivals and schools on sustainable living and key ocean conservation and climate change issues. She lives in a little seaside town on the wild west coast of Ireland with her husband, daughter and bulldog.