Fionn Regan


Fionn Regan is an Irish folk musician and singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Bray, Regan came to prominence with the release of his debut studio album, The End of History in 2006. He has been releasing extended plays for six years on independent record labels prior to the album ‘s release. Regan ‘s second studio album, The Shadow of an Empire was released in 2010 to positive reviews and his thire studio album, 100 Acres of Sycamore, was released in 2011. His fourth studio album, The Bunkhouse Vol. 1: Anchor Black Tattoo, was releases in 2012.


Among the accolades Regan has received have been nominations for the Choice Music Prize in Ireland, the Mercury Prize in the UK and the Shortlist Music Prize in the United States. Regan has cited Bob Dylan and Neil Young as influences on his music and has been referred to by Lucinda Williams as €œhis generation ‘s answer to Bob Dylan €.”