Giles Duley


Giles Duley is a documentary photographer, photojournalist and an inspiring man. He specialises in humanitarian issues and the consequences of conflict. Giles began as an editorial photographer in fashion and music where he achieved great success for ten years before moving worlds. In 2011 while on patrol with a U.S. Regiment Giles stepped on a landmine and barely lived through a triple amputation. Through passionate determination, he has continued to document, record and serve the subjects of his work. His photography has been exhibited and published worldwide in many respected publications including New Statesman, The Observer, The Guardian, Vogue, GQ, Esquire, and Rolling Stone. Currently he is travelling as United Nations Refugee Agency photographer documenting the refugee crisis across Europe and the Middle East. He first came to Borris in 2013 and left audiences astonished at his story. We ‘ve asked him back each year and he continues to amaze and inspire.