Olive Heffernan


Olive Heffernan is an award-winning science journalist who writes about oceans and climate change. Her work has been published in Nature, WIRED, National Geographic, Scientific American, New Scientist and BBC Wildlife, among other outlets. Now freelance, Olive spent a number of years with Nature covering climate change, including as first chief editor of the research journal Nature Climate Change. In 2019, she joined the faculty of Johns Hopkins University as an adjunct lecturer, and in 2020 received a Giles St Aubyn Award for non-fiction from the Royal Society of Literature. Olive is currently funded by the Pulitzer Centre to report on ocean conservation in Europe. Her first book, THE HIGH SEAS: Ambition, Power and Greed on the Unclaimed Ocean, was published in May 2024 in the UK/Commonwealth and North America. She lives by the sea in Ireland with her husband and children and spends her spare time cold-water swimming, paddle-boarding, and kayaking.