Peter Frankopan


Peter Frankopan is author of the bestselling book The ┬áSilk Roads: A New History of the Word (2015), which has topped the non-fiction charts all over the world, remaining in the Sunday Times Top 10 for 10 months. Described as ‘fearless and brilliant ‘ (Guardian), ‘magnificent ‘ (Sunday Times) ‘majestic ‘ (Open, India) it has been called ‘not only the most important history book in years, but the most important in decades (Berliner Zeitung). Silk Roads was named the Daily Telegraph History Book of the Year. Peter is Senior Research Fellow at Worcester College, Oxford an Director for the Oxford Centre of Byzantine Research. He is also an accomplished musician and sportsman: as well as having played cricket for Croatia, he is the current Single Wicket Cricket champion of All-England. In his spare time he is a hotelier with his wife.