DAVID BADDIEL AND ALAN YENTOB - Humour as a form of rage: culture wars, comedy and 'Three Lions'

David Baddiel is invigoratingly funny, but latterly has engaged with, both on television, on stage and in print, very serious subjects. Joining him in a wide-ranging conversation is journalist and impresario Alan Yentob.

David has made a lasting mark with his culturally relevant comedy, chart-topping songs, best-selling books, and his enduring fight against anti-Semitism. 

Taking as a starting point David’s new book Jews Don’t Count, a powerful polemic and personal testimony in investigating anti-Semitism today, they will address contemporary culture wars, football, comedy, life and music.

This promises to be an insightful, funny and outspoken conversation with one of the most talented and fearless thinkers in contemporary Britain.

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