The weekend of 14th and 15th June 2014 will bring together some of the most intriguing international minds – novelists, journalists, film-makers, poets, theatre directors, war correspondents, biographers, artists and political commentators – for a weekend of stimulating dialogue and discussion.


Our speakers this year include plenty of new faces (Mariella Frostrup, Deborah Levy, Eimear McBride, Damian Barr, Ruth Padel, Cathy Davey, Roy Foster, Audrey Magee, Gerard Byrne, Dylan Haskins, Patrick McGrath, Lisa Hannigan, Sebastian Barry, Louis de Bernieres, Hugo Hamilton,   Declan Walsh, Kevin Myers, Jason McCue) and re-visits of some guests from previous years (William Dalrymple, Donal Ryan, Giles Duley, Olivia O’Leary, John Banville, Stephen Frears, Paul Murray). We also welcome the brilliant Mikel Murfi who will perform The Man in the Woman’s Shoes.


Events will spill over from Borris House into the pubs of the village at night, and our friends at Writers Tears will be on hand to ensure we enjoy it.


We are pleased to announce an exhibition of design work by ‘Form’, a collective of artist-makers from the region, in the restored Laundry Building at Borris; also an exhibition of site-specific work by The Nine Stones Artists in The Town House in the village; and finally of sculptural works by Castledermot-based artist David King.