Comments by speakers

'Magic Moments and Enchanted Evenings! You made so many people happy!'

- Margaret Atwood

“Thank you so much for the most enlightening weekend I think I’ve ever had. I am still vibrating.”

Enda Walsh

“It was perfect. Don’t change a thing.”

Colm Toibin

“Of all the festivals, Borris is the most convivial: good company in a beautiful setting, it has the atmosphere of a country house weekend. And not an English country house, either. An irish country house, which is an entirely different thing. You could meet anyone at Borris, and you often do.”

Anne Enright

“It really was memorable, not just for time to talk to all the other (fascinating) writers, but for the warmth and articulateness of those huge audiences, as well as the vast comfort of the house. It was unquestionably the enormous success it deserved to be.”

Joanna Trollope

“I think the festival was a triumph--good crowd, wonderful atmosphere, and the speakers (and singers!!) pretty rousing, and well-balanced.”

Fernanda Eberstadt

“It is beautifully judged and everything is run in such an elegant way… The atmosphere was kinda magical…”

- Cillian Murphy

“Out of the many literary festivals in Ireland, the Borris Festival of Ideas stands unique- because it is about ‘ideas’ and brings together people who have them, from all over the world. I attended it  for consecutive years, both speaking and attending sessions, and have listened to world-class philosophers, crusading journalists,  heroic human-rights lawyers, legendary actors and director/producers, and brilliant biographers, playwrights and novelists of the first rank, explaining how and why they do what they do. As a consumer, I have been endlessly stimulated and inspired. As a performer, I have had the best audiences I have ever talked to, at full capacity, and afterwards signed and sold a gratifying number of my books, to people who knew exactly why they were there and what they were about. The Festival has also introduced me to a marvellous and under-exploited part of Ireland, full of unexpected beauties.  I can’t wait to go back.”

Roy Foster

“I had a glorious time and one of the most interesting evenings of my life talking to some of the other speakers. I am so grateful you asked me to come. Congratulations for creating something truly special.”

Peter Frankopan

“Borris is one of the friendliest, most stimulating literary festivals in the world”

Ian McEwan

“The Festival of Writing and Ideas in Borris may not be the biggest literary festival in the world but it is  easily  one of the most engaging and convivial. I wouldn't  have missed it for the world.”

Geoff Dyer

“We had an amazing time - excellent company, beautiful setting and fascinating talks. I loved it.”

– Maggie O’Farrell

“The Festival of Writing and Ideas in Borris is the perfect literary cocktail: one part conviviality, one part serenity, with a dash of Irish charm.”

Jeffrey Eugenides

“What an amazing thing you've created at Borris! To be in that beautiful place and to find a fair number of the world's cleverest and funniest people chilling around the table, and be able to flit from one to other. And then the talks - what a line-up you had.  I've learnt a lot.”

Lucy Hughes Hallett

“The Borris House Festival of Writing and Ideas is a jewel.”

Martin Amis

“ I thought it was a really great event. Florence and the book-clubbers were lovely, asked interesting questions and the whole thing was lots of fun.”

Eimear McBride

Press Comments

“The Borris festival is pure magic. It's a special time in a special place”

– Fintan O'Toole

“Borris House has established itself as one of the country’s leading literary festivals...”

– Irish Times

“The Borris House Festival of Writing & Ideas; one of the best literary festivals in the English speaking world”

– Wexford Echo

“The Borris festival has assembled a world-class line-up of writers.” – Irish Times

Comments by Collaborators

“It is an outstanding literary festival which contributes to Ireland’s literary and cultural life.”

 – Clare Rehill, Director and Trustee of the T S Eliot Foundation

“The Festival has brought together some of the finest writers and thinkers from around the world and the events that are organised for this long weekend are exceptional.”

– Nicholas Pearson, Publishing Director of Fourth Estate

“The Borris House Festival of Writing and Ideas is exceptional for its international nature, for the wide-ranging discussions held at its events, for the exceptional mix of distinguished writers from Ireland and all over the world.”

– Alexandra Pringle, Editor-in-Chief of Bloomsbury Publishing

“The combination of focus on both the global and the local makes the Borris Festival incredibly special. The writers, the moderators, the performers, and the audience all are made to feel that they are a part of something very special at Borris.”

– Michael Kelleher, Director of the Windham-Campbell Prizes

Festivalgoers’ comments

“Another incredible Festival of Writing and Ideas this year. The people, the speakers, venue, conversations, stunning location and fabulous events all combined to make this Festival so magical. A place where eyes, hearts and minds are opened, touched and passionately re-energised, and where new inspiring friendships are forged. The Borris Festival of Writing and Ideas provides the opportunity to enter into a World of literary and conversational genius and to connect to the depths of diversity of human experiences.”

“Loved this festival, great mix of speakers. Great ideas, great discussion and performances.”

“Stunning venue, friendly locals and an impressive line-up of writers and performers made this one of the best weekends for this lover of the written word. I was blown away by the intimacy of the gatherings and the selection of events that were both entertaining and thought provoking. Martin Amis and Michael Chabon were my personal standout stars of weekend but there were so many more veteran scribblers and new voices to discover. The authors were approachable and ever so kind and patient. The night time gatherings at O'shea's and Joyce's pub were great craic. If there is a queue for next year's bookings I am all over it.”

“Fabulous atmosphere, wonderful speakers and discussions. A must.”
“…how good I thought Borris was. Terrific line-up – rich and varied. Fantastic food, which is a real achievement on that scale.”